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Hi! I'm Lorin Atzberger, a game programmer
passionate about graphics, programming, space, rockets, 3d printing, neural networks .
About me
Programmer with 12 years of experience.
I'd like to think I have a curious mind, and I generally try to learn as much as I can, from 3D printing to electronics, and Arduino programming, to math and physics.

My core skills are :
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Gameplay Programming
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Unity development
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Graphics Programming
Latest project
Presentation image for the Red Dust colony survival simulation game
2018 - 2022
Survive Mars’s harsh environment and turn your landing party in a thriving independent colony. Expand your base tile by tile, create optimal gas conditions, setup complex power grids and manage the mood and needs of your colonists.
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Why work with me?
A real pleasure to work with. He completed the project on time and to spec. I will definitely be using Lorin for my future work and hope that this is the start of a great partnership.
Dhiraj Joseph - Product Owner
I can honestly say that this provider is worth his weight in gold, easy person to deal with, does what was stated! This is how all providers should be, even pulled out all the last little details i wanted with no problem. I will be using this provider again and I'm truly impressed!
Kim Sun - Project Manager
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